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A proof-reader performs a ‘quality check’ usually just before they are due to go to print. They may work on books, magazines, newspapers, websites, as well as publications aimed at a specialist audience, such as academic or business reports. Most proofreaders are self-employed and work from home. Many work part time and the hours may be irregular. There are some skills which a proof-reader must have to start a proofreading service. Proofreaders need to be scrupulous about detailed work. He should be skilled in written English and good at concentrating for long spells. He should be self-motivated. Being a good communicator is a must for a proof-reader. He must be comfortable working with IT and should be interested in publishing industry.  Publishers, graphic design houses and printers employ proofreaders on a full time and freelance basis.

Other potential employers or clients include any organisations that produce a lot of published materials, from retail chains to government bodies. The entry for young people and adults are different. For young people there are no set of requirements. Many employers expect A levels/ H grades in English and other subjects. However, experience in proofreading is at least as important as qualifications.  Adult entry is common; however it is important to be able to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the publication process, or specialist knowledge.  These days’ people prefer to go online to find a suitable job as they can get more details and can also find an authentic one. To apply to work for proofreading services there are many companies one can find online and can apply for. Before applying one need to be ready to be a proof-reader.

A proof-reader must be well-read. To be a proof-reader requires a love of reading. One should enjoy several forms of writing and become familiar with a number of writing styles as well as acquire knowledge in a broad range of subjects. He needs to understand what the writer intended to say through careful re-reading of the text. At a minimum, high school courses in English, journalism and literature will give a foundation in the language and proofreading skills one needs to have. One can supplement the knowledge with courses at college, university, a community college or online. Practicing make things perfect, so practicing the proofreading skills on what is read will teach to spot errors in spelling, punctuation and usage of words. There are many companies who provide English proofreading, they can be found online. One who wants to apply needs to choose a suitable field of proofreading?  There is legal, financial, medical, academic, science and humanities, a proof-reader must choose an area on which he wishes to specialize. After the selection, the chosen website will ask for the resume. It needs to be posted with the experience and also set up a keyword search for jobs one is interested in. One should consider volunteering services initially. Be upfront about the purpose at the beginning, so as to receive the kind of referrals, instead of the volunteer assignments.