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Know About Uses Of Copper Nails In Daily Life

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Nails are made of different types of materials like Aluminum, steel, brass and copper. There are many uses for copper nails, and there are also different types of copper nails available in the market. Copper clout nails and copper annual clout ring nails are the most used copper nails. Many types of copper nails are used in different kinds of projects as copper nails are rust resistant.

Copper pins

  • They are used for crank work applications and used in decorative beading.
  • It is used in interiors unlike copper nails which are frequently used outdoors as the durability factor of copper pins is less.
  • They are usually available for purchase from hardware shops.
  • They come in shorter size making it easier for use in decoration.
  • The longer life of copper pins, when compared with other metal pins, makes it a convenient choice.

Annual ring nails and copper clout

Roofing tiles and slates are done by annual ring nails and copper clout. The nails come in different sizes, and since each project is individual, the size can be chosen by the requirement.

  • Building owners in some areas do not allow the use of galvanized nails and copper nails become the automatic choice.
  • Copper nails are used in the coastal region when compared with galvanized nails as copper nails are rust resistant.
  • Copper nails can withstand the effects of the pollution when compared with galvanized nails.
  • Damaged slate can be replaced or repaired easily when copper nails have been used on them. The reason is that it is easy to pull it off.

Copper disc rivet

Copper disc rivet is another form of copper nails that is used extensively. It is used widely for roofing purpose, and there is situation in which it is used for cement slates. Many online forums give answers to the concept of fixing copper disc rivet on fibre-cement slates.

Copper slate strap

Another copper nail that is used extensively in roofing application is the copper slate strap. This strap is used in a condition in which damaged roof slates are hard to remove.

The other uses of copper nails

Copper nails are rust resistant and are used in a wide variety of cases. Copper nails are widely used in construction sites. Clay and cement roofing and copper fabrication are one case in the construction industry in which copper nails are used. Copper gutters are some of the other instances in which copper nails are used.

There are reports that copper plated horseshoe has been found to improve the health of horse hoof. Copper pins, disc rivets and slate straps are some of the other uses of copper nails. Copper nails are used for boat building and insulation panel boards. Skirting boards also use copper nails nowadays as Copper nails are rust resistant. Ship fastening also uses copper, and the endurance of copper is widely known, and this makes copper a favorable choice.