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Reasons to Use a Bodyguard Company

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There are many reasons why you may need a bodyguard; even though you may think that this is something only of interest to celebrities.  Personal bodyguards can be useful for company bosses, celebrities and even normal individuals who need to work in dangerous places.  These are just a few of the scenarios which may result in you needing to locate a bodyguard.

Once you realize that you have a need for a bodyguard, or as they are now known, ‘executive protection officer’; you will need to start to look for one.  It is possible to simply advertize and assess each applicant on their qualities.  However, you may find it more beneficial to use a bodyguard company. Northern Force Security Inc is certainly worth a call to find out more.

Reasons to Use a Bodyguard Company:

There are a variety of reasons why a bodyguard company is a better option than attempting to locate your own bodyguard:

  • Training – If you use a bodyguard company then you can be assured that the bodyguards have all been trained thoroughly and will reach a specified standard. Many bodyguards are actually ex-forces and already have training regarding how to fight.  However, the bodyguard company should ensure they are aware of how to spot threats and even diffuse them without endangering any lives.  This is a more complicated skill than simply being able to fight an attacker or move in front of a bullet.
  • Replacement – By using a bodyguard company you will be able to access a replacement bodyguard if you need it for any reason. This may be because your regular one is sick or needs a holiday.  If you have employed the bodyguard directly yourself you will not have this option and may find yourself without a bodyguard for a short period!
  • History – Every bodyguard company will check the history of their employees. This will prevent you from needing to find out where they have been before and what they have done.  Checking history is important as this will confirm their skill level, dedication and even their reactions in dangerous situations.
  • Guarantee – A good bodyguard company will provide a number of guarantees. This will not include a guarantee that you will not be hurt.  Even the best bodyguard can be overpowered or ambushed.  However, they will guarantee to always have available a suitable qualified specialist and extra protection if required.  They should even perform regular risk assessments to ensure you have an adequate level of protection; depending upon where you are going.
  • Numbers – If you are looking for bodyguards for a big event then you will need multiple bodyguards. This will be extremely time consuming if you attempt to find this many bodyguards yourself.  Fortunately a bodyguard company can handle all the necessary arrangements on your behalf and ensure the right number of executive protection officers are at the event ready for you and the other important guests.

Being a bodyguard is not an easy job, but it can be very satisfying.  This should be evident in the way that the bodyguard carries themselves.