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Significance of Using Event Monitoring Services

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Event monitoring involves logging and monitoring the events on various systems in an organization. The monitoring of these important events is mainly performed with the help of managed privacy solution providers. There are many such solution providers that offer event monitoring as a part of their services. Modern day’s system administrators are required to take preventive measures to ensure high levels of security over sensitive enterprise database. With a good event monitoring service, one can get better insight into an internal and external security threats. This type of event monitoring system also helps the administrators meet certain regulatory compliance requirements.

What exactly does an event monitoring service offer?

Event monitoring solutions offered by a managed privacy service providers actually track down the activities in an event within the organizational infrastructure. Event monitoring basically helps bring a new level of trust, transparency, compliance, and monitoring ability to your event. You can get the ability to see and track who did that, when they did, where they did it from, and how frequently they did it. This is basically done by keeping track of all user activity during an event, which gets created from various sources within the organization.

event monitoring

Actually, to be prepared to submit a compliance audit report of the event, an organization must provide event data that are accurate and confirmable. These types of report should include all types of information such as event details, user info etc and without this information, an organization will not pass the full scale compliance audit. This is where the managed privacy solutions help an organization. These types of service providers offer HIPAA compliance solutions regarding the event monitoring and help you monitor your events. This enables you to verify security on the events in your organization.

Since the system administrators of an organization remain under high pressure and are unable to create high quality documentable event information. Only a managed service provider can act as a crucial tool in providing this type of event monitoring solution.  To monitor these types of events, there are several managed privacy service solutions available; some are designed for a specific log and other are just suitable for your events.

 Event monitoring in the health sector:

Event monitoring service particularly plays a crucial role for care providers of all sizes, especially in the health sector. This is because the threats to patient information have never been greater and the modern event monitoring systems are built to protect hospitals and health systems against the theft and misuse of PHI held in EHRs.

By identifying the most relevant data fields for event monitoring, this type of systems actually creates standardized method to monitor an event and tracks event activities to receive the most beneficial audit log data from healthcare events of any sizes.

Benefits for Customers:

The most common benefit of the event monitoring system is that it maximizes the auditing efficiency across multiple events. It also enables the customers to create more advanced analytics by offering a greater understanding of certified vendor’s audit log data.