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A new law program for indifferent citizen

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CPD stands for continuing professional development course which is being offered by Hong Kong Law academy.  This academy protects as well as promotes the Hong Kong law to the public, in order to maintain the interest of people most importantly the learner. The four aim of this academy is to provide the awareness about the law among common people. Apart from this the government want to increase the profession in law sector so they are developing the interest in the common student to purse this program. All the motive of this program concludes the public awareness in accordance to law.

Explanation of the C PD system

The academy offer the legal course on law as well as it is frequently providing the seminar in all part of Hong Kong. Interestingly this course provide the lecture through prominent lower as well as judge so that the student not only learn the law of a country but also know the rules of many country all around the world. In order to enhance the status on the international platform, they have created the international center outside the Hong Kong and also inviting participant out of the Hong Kong.

Online accessibility of the program

On the official portal of CPD Hong Kong, the academy has appreciated the permission to give hyperlink associability to the academy because on the portal any one can search what is the new legal reform in the country. Apart from this over the portal one can  got the information about the activity and event which is about to  be held.


The main motto of the cpd hk program offered by Hong Kong government is to spread awareness about the law not only in the country but also outside the country .They are also offering the foreigner to join to this academy so that the organization would have international value.