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Reasons for an athlete to learn a foreign language

An international career in sport, strategic and psychological assets in the field, mastering its image as a great player, getting by abroad, there are significant advantages related to the learning of a foreign language by an athlete. Here is a short list of reasons for a high-level athlete to learn a foreign language (and the culture of the country). Visit this site for ib chinese exam preparation.

Improve your international career prospects

The sports world is today an international world without borders. Great players go from one sports team to another, from one club to another. Just look at the composition of the English football club Manchester United to see it: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Swedish, Wayne Rooney, English, David de Gea, Spanish, Eric Bailly, Ivorian … The international career of some players is impressive: Cristiano Ronaldo has played for Sporting Portugal (Portuguese), Real Madrid (Spanish), Manchester United (English). Cultural backgrounds and spoken languages vary accordingly according to the teams. Knowing English and another foreign language offers a great advantage for an ambitious player who wants to join a renowned international club.

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Develop situation intelligence to improve responsiveness

When oral communication is not efficient enough, the brain analyzes the context, the environment, in search of other elements of understanding. Thus, the mind will try to decipher the body language of the interlocutor, to interpret his emotions, his tone of voice, the situation in which he finds himself. With the analysis of the environment, situational intelligence develops. This ability to interpret and understand a given situation is very important in sport, to anticipate, understand the logic of the game, the intentions of his opponent, and react quickly. Learning a foreign language would help improve its responsiveness in the field.

Being independent and resourceful

A small practical detail, but not least, sports competitions are often held abroad. Being able to cope in an unfamiliar environment is therefore important for a top athlete if only to be an independent minimum. Unless you want to rely on an interpreter permanently … It’s also an opportunity to meet new people, sometimes fans, and exchange with them.