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A Sneak Peek into the Different Gaming Features of Victorious Graves

Riot games have become immensely popular these days. Among the notable gaming options, League of Legends has been considered as the most significant one. It has finally ended its 7th season with massive appreciations among the gamers. At the end of the season gamers, who have managed to attain Gold or higher status, are rewarded with Victorious Skin. This time the Skin has been given to Victorious Graves. Before you choose to have victorious graves account, here are some interesting facts and features to know about it.

Eligibility for the Victorious Graves

One can get the victorious graves at As stated, in order to receive Victorious Graves, you need to achieve Gold or higher position. Players who rank high in the flex and solo will also receive additional rewards. This was declared by the Riot way earlier, even when Victorious Skin was not unveiled. The additional reward is nothing but a special chroma for the players or gamers. Four types of users are eligible to get Victorious Graves. These users are flex, base, solo and 3V3. However, you need to keep the fact in mind that only Gold status users will get the Victorious Skin, which is Victorious Graves.

victorious graves accountVictorious Graves Appearance

When Victorious Graves teased its look for the first time, gamers went almost crazy. It was quite a brilliant appearance and unique for the League of Legends as well. Victorious Graves can be regarded as permanent fixture of the jungle. Nobody has the power to match his skills and damaging abilities. So, attaining the Victorious Skin at the end of the season 7 is indeed a great fun. It gives a lot of unique abilities to the gamers to enjoy. Since the power is massive, it is limited only among a few users, who have made it to Gold or higher status.

Even in terms of features and unique skills, Victorious Graves has been getting termed as the best victorious skin so far. In case of the other seasons, victorious skins did not have such unique and high end destructive power. So, it is the time to gear up gamers, as you have the task to achieve the Gold status.