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Symptoms of a Sick Sewage Pipe

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If you walk out of your house in the morning and smell sewage, there is a pretty good chance that there is a sewage issue. If you have sewage backed up into your tub, then there is no need of a question. These are obvious signs and symptoms of a sick sewage pipe.

Not all signs are as obvious though these are very important things to pay attention to if you are suspicious:

  • Does your slow draining tub need a coat hanger hair extraction or is it a symptom of something worse? If your toilets do not flush quite right or fill with water properly then you may have a damaged sewer line.
  • If you develop pests of the furry variety such as rats, it may be worth a phone to a plumbing company. Rats live in sewers and if you have a problem close to your house when you get off of the line with the plumber, call pest control.

While you are on the phone with them about the rats, keep an eye out for insects. There is a lovely list of sewage-related insects that can get in easier than rats. Just call the plumber!

  • Is there a spot on your lawn that looks particularly stunning? Perhaps you wish the rest of your lawn looked as smashing.

If you are quick to assume there is something wrong with the rest of your lawn, you may miss the underlying issue of a sewage problem beneath the green grass. Sewage is a natural fertilizer after all.

If any of that is not enough to get you to look into a plumber there are serious longer-lasting issues such as mold infestation that you have to look forward to. The cost to have just one room demolished and rid of mold is a lot more than calling someone like The Pipe Doctor to come out and see what the problem is.

The Pipe Doctor

What exactly is the problem with your pipes?

There are pretty common ideas as to what backs up a sewer line. Feminine hygiene products have taken a lot of heat due to companies making false claims about biodegradability. There are other things that you may not think of damaging your pipes.

  • Kids will throw anything in a toilet. If you have kids and a sewage problem you may find the odd Hot Wheel or two but your kids are not the only ones throwing non-flushable things into the commode.

Baby wipes companies coming out with “flushable wipes” have moms shaking their heads. Are baby wipes not flushable? Nope. While it would make sense that the only thing your toddler lets touch his tushie is flushable, it is not.

  • If you ever have an issue with your kitchen your plumber is going to ask one simple, yet stutter inducing question: “Do you put grease down the drain?”

If the answer is no, it is good for you. If you are not entirely sure, be honest. When the paramedics ask “What did you take?” you have to be honest. Plumbers are the paramedics of our pipes. Plus, once they get in there, they are going to know.

Sewage is a serious issue when it comes to protecting our homes and our environment. If you do have any questions about a smell and you need peace of mind, call. It is better to call and prevent future problems than it is to assume nothing is wrong and miss something.