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Many may come across the word Carrageenan. What does it actually mean, and how this ingredient can be used with food? Carrageenan is the type of food ingredient that can be used as the vegan alternative to gelatin in the setting desserts, and this can retain the moisture in various forms of cooked meats. This can suspends the chocolate in the chocolate milk prevention from separating. This also helps the food to stay more delicious for longer and thus it reduces the food wastage.

Even though this is the unfamiliar name, Carrageenan is from the natural source. Seaweed is praised for the wellness and health benefits, and this is also where the most useful ingredient is found. This can be extracted from particular type of seaweed by boiling it gently, then non acidic broth, filtering and finally milling takes place to form a fine powder that can used along with food.

The whole process is very simple which you can actually do it in your own kitchen. In fact the families in Ireland are used to do this from hundreds of years ago, so they can be used as an ingredient in their dishes. This is also used as a food addictive, because this may sometimes added to food such as salt and pepper.

Many may have a common question in their mind, whether it is safe or not? Here is the answer for your questions.  You may hear of the health concern surrounding the Carrageenan. Possibly you may have read from many popular health food websites, or sometimes you may have encounter a study suggesting that it is not safe. But this not true actually.

The food grade Carrageenan has not found to be harmful. This is perfectly safe from of ingredient which has the major role to play in food industry, and the lovable foods would not be same without this ingredient.  Also JECFA have concluded that this is safe ingredient, and this can also feed to infants. They also investigated that the previous toxicological database on the Carrageenan, and concluded that this is non toxic. To know more details about this ingredients click here