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How much do you know about flossing?

Good oral health first and foremost requires a good cleaning, which helps to fight daily dental plaque, which is the cause of many oral problems. It is therefore essential to know that brushing your teeth, at least twice a day, is not enough on its own to dislodge as much plaque as possible and to clean all the teeth. Visit this link for wisdom teeth removal Torrance CA.

Flossing is very much essential

Flossing is an excellent complement to brushing teeth, as it can dislodge bacteria and plaque from areas that the toothbrush cannot reach. Combined, these two elements then allow you to clean the entire surface of your teeth.

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Flossing: the main ally of your toothbrush

The Canadian Dental Association recommends flossing at least once a day, to prevent plaque formation and to combat a number of conditions. We encourage our patients to follow these recommendations. Here’s why it’s so important to floss your teeth daily:

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It fights the accumulation of dental plaque in the interdental spaces, thus preventing the formation of tartar;

It can dislodge food residues and dental plaque in places inaccessible with a toothbrush, preventing the formation of dental caries or gum disease;

The dental pathologies mentioned above are likely to cause bad breath. By flossing to fight against their appearance, you will limit your chances of dealing with this problem which can be very embarrassing;

Poor oral hygiene can lead to diseases affecting general health, including cardiovascular disease. By flossing, you will better prevent these various diseases;

The right method for flossing

Top dentists advise you to floss daily. As with brushing, there is a good technique to use for optimal cleaning. We notice that many people do not know how to floss properly. Here are our tips to help you get there:

-Always floss BEFORE brushing

-Choose a type of thread that fits your teeth (wire, ribbon, etc.). Take a length of the thread corresponding to the length of your forearm;

-Wrap the wire around your middle fingers and hold it between your index fingers and thumbs;

-Insert the wire between your teeth and make sure it fits your teeth, forming a C around them. Slide the thread several times between each tooth, in a movement from top to bottom;

-Go smoothly and use a new part of the thread each time you change your tooth;

-Apply to make sure you clean each surface of your teeth. This process should take you at least two minutes;

-Finish by brushing your teeth properly, always using the right technique.

By following this procedure, you will be able to prevent the onset of oral diseases while having a radiant health smile. If you have more questions, talk to your healthcare team. Your dentist and hygienist will be able to advise you on the best type of dental floss to use, depending on the appearance of your teeth. In addition, they can give you personalized tips so that you are sure to adopt the best technique!