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Some tips for a healthy pregnancy

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With the aid of week by week pregnancy guide you can pretty much assure to remain healthy during pregnancy. Let us now go through them in details

Try to be healthy during pregnancy

By now if you are pregnant or planning on the lines of doing so then the basic fact is that you would need to take care of yourself and the baby. Do not drink or smoke and the key is to ensure that you have proper rest. This will go a long way ensuring a healthy pregnancy.

A prenatal vitamin

The moment you are trying to conceive it is suggested that you consume prenatal vitamins. The neural cord is going to develop in the first few weeks of pregnancy and therefore it is important that the baby gets proper dose of vitamins. In fact such vitamins are available over the counter at most drug stores. If you feel a bit nausea try to consume them before going to bed. A baby growth video will try to help you on where you baby starts at this crucial juncture.

healthy pregnancy


For most of the would be mothers staying active is the key. There is no better option than exercise and when you are regular it is going to boast your mood levels, improves circulation and in the process you do sleep better. When you get into an exercise habit it sets a ground for a child when they are born. Walking or swimming are normally considered to be great activities for pregnant women but do consult your doctor before you start any exercise program. You should go on to aim for 30 minutes exercise a week and listen to your body and do not overdo things.

A birth plan

Before the baby arrives it is suggested that you do prepare a birth plan. This would include what sort of activities you would like to avoid and what are the clothes that you would like to wear. What is to be done if some form of complications arise and whether there is any need for pain medications or not.

Educate yourself

Even if it does not happen to be your first baby enrol yourself in a class and educate yourself. It is not only that you would gain an insight on learning about child care, but you can ask questions and obtain specific answers in that regard. One is likely to become familiar with the procedures as well. It would be a good time to educate about the family history of your family as well. You can discuss with your doctor about the problems that may have arisen with regards to past pregnancies in your family.

When you are pregnant you would need to keep away from physical tasks. This would mean cleaning up chores and once you become pregnant this does become risky. Do avoid contact with bacteria or harmful chemicals at this point of time. By doing so you are putting your baby at risk.