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What Are The Health Benefits of Traditional Sauna?

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Traditional saunas are often preferred over the modern infrared sauna because of many reasons. The number one reason why traditional saunas are still preferred is the health benefit of traditional sauna. However, the benefits of a traditional sauna compared to an infrared sauna are more or less same, but the main thing that makes a difference between them is the degree of benefits that a body receives from these two sauna types. While traditional saunas are considered as a source of beneficial heat to the body, there is a potential risk that an individual suffering from high blood pressure may face in a modern sauna.

According to the sauna enthusiasts, there are many health benefits of traditional sauna. While the specific health benefits will vary depending on the person using the sauna and how the sauna is being used, there is no doubt that the use of traditional sauna enhances both lifestyle and wellness. Mentioned below is a brief description of the health benefits of traditional sauna. However, you need to make sure to consult health experts for specific health benefits or risks that may apply to you.

Improved Blood Circulation and Lower Blood Pressure:

In traditional sauna, the blood vessels expand to accommodate increased blood flow. As a result the blood circulation improves and it also lowers the blood pressure. Researchers show that regular sauna bathing can help in individual lowering blood pressure and improving the overall health.

Cardiovascular Benefits:

Modern researches also show that frequent sauna bathing assists in maintaining a steady health of blood vessels. With traditional sauna, the blood vessels become more elastic and stable due to potential process of heating and cooling the body repeatedly. Another important benefit of traditional sauna is that it helps to maintain a moderate heart rate. Usually the heart rate increases from 60-70/minute to 110-120/minute during the sauna bath. The elevated heart rate can actually help in burning calories and creates a mild cardiovascular workout for the heart, which is actually beneficial for improving the overall health.

Immune System:

Regular sauna bathing can also reduce the chance of diseases like common cold and influenza by up to 40%. Traditional sauna heat actually keeps the body into an artificial fever state, which is a part of our body’s natural healing process. This also stimulates the immune system of our body resulting an improved production of white blood cells and antibodies that help us to fight against diseases.

Respiratory Benefits:

Traditional sauna bathing can also provide comfort in sinus congestion from colds and allergies. This helps more when using in conjunction of steam that is created by water on the heated rocks. The steam vapor also helps in clearing up uncomfortable congestion and improves the overall respiratory system on an individual.

Relief for Sore Joints and Muscle Pains:

In a traditional sauna bathing, the entire body is immersed in the heat of the sauna room. This is helpful in reducing the sore joint pains and pain in muscles. Also, the individuals that are suffering from arthritic pain may also get an additional benefit when using traditional sauna because of the pain reducing effect of the heat.