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Conserve Water! Replace Your Faulty Bathroom Faucet

Bathroom faucets need to be replaced when they start dripping or there are constant water leakages. Sometimes, the faucet will be ready for use after replacing its washer, or covering sealing it.

You might not need to replace the entire faucet when it starts dripping. Just do a thorough check of the faucet using the right tools. Before removing it, one should check the number of steps involved, and confirm the exact location to be fixed after resolving the issue at hand.

Faucets come in various models; two handles are joined with a spout to work as a single unit.

A bathroom faucet needs to be replaced every few years since it appears dull because of salt water deposits. Also, water comes in less force because of hard water scaling the insides of the faucet.

Conserve Water! Replace Your Faulty Bathroom Faucet

Faucets are available in various models, and vary in pricing. Investing in top quality bathroom fixtures is effective when replacing a faucet even though it might be expensive; it lasts longer than cheaper alternatives.

The price of bathroom faucets depends on the brand, quality of the products used, designs, and other funky features on the faucet.

Following the instruction manual that comes along with the faucet makes fixing easier, since every step is explained in detail along with pictures. One should also invest in a good quality wrench before assembling bathroom faucets since all elements will work together when the correct tools are used.

Here are few points to follow while replacing a bathroom faucet:

  • Before removing bathroom faucet, remember to turn off all water connections.
  • Bathroom faucets come with two valves, one for hot water and another for cold water.
  • While replacing the faucet, remember to turn both hot water and cold water valves off by turning them in clockwise.
  • Loosen the tube nut present above the valve before removing the bathroom faucet.
  • Replacing supply lines while assembling the faucet is a great idea since dust and dirt accumulate with time.
  • Supply lines need to be disconnected if you don’t change them before replacing a faucet.
  • When supply lines come with solid tubing, it’s not necessary to change them often, since it doesn’t affect the faucet.
  • Remember to remove large nuts and bolts that hold the faucet in place.
  • After following all instructions as provided in instruction manual, the sink requires a good cleaning – removing hard water deposits and scaling. You can remove them with vinegar.

When you go with good quality and branded faucets that come with a warranty period they last longer their cheaper alternatives.

Faucets are invincible parts of any modern bathroom, and getting the right fixtures for your bathroom is your number 1 priority.