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Vacuumpal – Affordable vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are an important part of your household. There are several areas of your house that you cannot reach with your normal broom and mop and if you want to get completely clean and dust free home then a vacuum cleaner is a necessity. But if you think that you will have to spend around 500$ on a branded vacuum cleaner that will give you high-end performance then you are wrong here. There are several affordable vacuum cleaners that offer great cleaning and convenient features at a good affordable price between 50 -150$. Isn’t that amazing? Although these bagless upright vacuums might be little loud and heavy they have all the accessories and features to give you a clean home. Check out these top affordable vacuum cleaners

  1. Bissell clean view —

This is a vacuum with high-end performance and reasonable price. You can buy it online or offline for around 90$ and it is having average performance on all the aspects of a vacuum cleaner. It can clean the debris of your carpet to around 43.5% as compared to other top and costly vacuum cleaners that offer only 75% performance.

It has a crevice, dusting and turbo brush included in the accessories section but it is a little bit louder. The cons of this vacuum are that it does not have a retractable cord. Also, it cannot carry most of the attachments that it have on board. Also, it is not suited for cleaning pet hair and deep pile carpet. But it is quite reliable and robust and is priced affordably.

  1. Eureka Airspeed AS3030A —

This is one of the best affordable vacuum cleaners for pet owners. It is having a high dirt pickup on the normal carpet and also it is priced at 120$ only. It can clean the human and pet hair to a great extent with the help of the brush roll cleaner. But this is not suitable for cleaning throw rugs and plush carpets.

  1. Hoover Wind Tunnel UH70120 —

If you consider performance then it is almost same as CleanView vacuum cleaner but it costs 12$ more than the earlier one. But it is quite heavy and difficult to lug up and downstairs.  On top of it, there is no carrying handle in this vacuum and it struggles a lot with pet hair.