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What should you buy on classifieds?

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Local classifieds are a great place to buy things for your house. You will save a lot of money and get a chance to acquire unique things that have some history to them. However, be careful: you should not buy all the things that you want to on classifieds.

What should you buy on classifieds?

  1. Furniture. Often it is sold in very good condition. For example, when the owners are going to move out and do not want to carry chairs and sofas to their new house. What is more, the savings, in comparison with new furniture, can reach up to 90%, because when buying on classifieds, there is always the opportunity to haggle. Sometimes, people can even give some free stuff away. Plus, do not forget about some antiques that can greatly improve the looks of your interior.
  1. Sports equipment. There are plenty of people who purchased some kind of sports equipment, used it once or twice and then stopped using it. After a while, they can try to sell it on local classifieds, which is very beneficial for us in terms of financial standpoint. It is very easy to find sports-related equipment in good condition if you are trying to build some kind of a gym at home. What is more, the price tag is at least twice as low as that at stores.

  1. Musical instruments. New musical instruments, as a rule, are not cheap, whereas used ones are much more budgetary. Many connoisseurs look specifically for older models believing that the build quality of modern musical instruments is getting worse and worse as manufacturers are trying to make their goods as affordable as possible.
  1. Home decor. The most bizarre and unusual vases, paintings, candlesticks, figurines and other elements of decor are best to purchase on classifieds. After all, this is pretty much the only place online where you can buy various peculiar things at affordable prices. What’s more, most of those things are going to be unique, which means that you will not find them at your friends’ places.
  1. Indoor and garden plants. Buying such plants at regular flower shops or greenhouses is not as profitable as doing so from the people who grow their own plants or who simply sell them because of moving out.

Things you might want to avoid buying at classifieds:

  1. Home textiles. Plaids, pillowcases for cushions, bedding, and any other home textiles should only be purchased new as otherwise it might endanger your health.
  2. Kitchen utensils with a short service life. Buying used utensils with non-stick coating is not a very good idea. The shelf life of the non-stick coating is, as a rule, only three to four years and after that, the coating is erased, and the risk of hazardous chemicals being released during cooking is significantly higher.

So we hope you find our article useful. Do not forget that the list of things people sell on classifieds is truly endless and you can find pet adoption, various services and much more.