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Best Galaxy S9 that is worth waiting for

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Samsung has been achieved a great victory in the case of its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Today S8 Galaxy perhaps is the most handsome smartphone, they say, looks hot, to whomever we showed the device. It exhibits an amazing curved display. Above, we find another tray microphone and a memory card and SIM. Incidentally, the plastic tray felt very fragile – be careful, making manipulation microSD. Galaxy S9 will have a promising strong microphone tray as an offer.

Galaxy S8 / S8 + are much protected from water and dust as follows a standard IP68. Pleasant heritage. On the cover, we see placed in a level of fingerprint sensor – the camera and LED flash sensor heart rate. The camera lens is now not in favor of a body. The position of fingerprint sensor has disappointed the buyers.

A rumor like Samsung originally planned to embed fingerprint sensor directly under the display glass. Put your finger on the screen and remove the lock – it’s easy, natural and long suggests. Unfortunately, something went wrong and the Korean manufacturer until it became the first company to have implemented this decision. Instead, Samsung allegedly placed a rush order sensor where the place was at that the right of the camera. Whenever an untrained user tries to unlock its screen with the fingerprint scanner, it sometimes, unfortunately, smudges the camera lens due to the presence of both the features nearer to each other. Great news for the Samsung lovers, Samsung will provide a grand slam by translocating the fingerprint scanner plus an improved higher version which as too much fast than its predecessors.

Another exciting feature of Galaxy S9 is its superb UHD camera. It will make you ditch your DSLR camera. The superb camera has 13MP Dual lens front camera and 21MP back camera. Moreover, 40 new 3D frames, colours, sharpness, contrast, and effects are marvelous. S9 offers you a 4K resolution.

The processor of Galaxy S9 is rock. The high-powered Snapdragon 845 SoC and Exynos 9810 are fab.

As for the housing Galaxy S8, the main claim to it – extreme sensitivity. We’ll have to accept the fact that beautiful and futuristic device is only reliable as long as you do not take it in hand. During an experiment, after 10 minutes, it slips out of the hand. Moreover, the pictures of this flagship had some reddish appearance on the white screen.


The fact that the fingerprint sensor in the form in which it is present in Galaxy S8 / S8 + is almost useless, so you should wait for Galaxy S9 to release if you want to use the best smartphone. Diversify the process of taking photos with S9 will help a great number of visual effects, stickers, and tools – Express yourself and make unique images. “Pro” mode allows users to set the shutter speed, white balance, and some other parameters to create professional images. It is possible to manually adjust the focus – the main highlight. Experience the convenience and great features intuitive gesture control with Galaxy S9.