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Six Reasons to Commission Social Media Videos

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There are many reasons why companies may need to commission videos for their businesses. They may want in-house training videos, videos to use as commercials for products, or short videos for their social media accounts. Here are six benefits of having videos produced for social media.

Create Brand Awareness

No matter what type of business you own, you probably have dozens of competitors. When you have videos produced and share them on social media, people will begin to associate your business with the products or services it offers. By creating a short, relevant story via video, brand association for your company can be improved by 139%.

Videos Are Cost-Effective

Since videos can be used more than once, they are a cost-effective way to reach your audience. Videos often stay online and on the results page of search engines such as Google for a long time. To produce effective short videos for your company’s social media accounts, it is important to hire a Brisbane video production company with experience producing social media videos.

Builds Trust

Almost half of the consumers who watch them report that they trust online video ads. This helps you build trust with your audience so you can sell more of the products or services that your company offers. In addition, about 34% of the people who watch online video ads are more likely to purchase the products or services that they feature.

Qualifies Leads

Online ads on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube are more likely to help generate qualified leads. Someone who sees the videos and is interested in your products or services is more likely to purchase them than those who haven’t seen them. A qualified lead is more likely to make a purchase than someone who goes to your website without knowing anything about your company.

Searchable Content

If someone sees your videos shared on social media and wants to see it again, he or she can look for it on search engines such as Google. Of the top 100 search listings on Google, approximately 70% of them are videos. Along with helping searchers find your videos, the results and rankings can help drive searchers to the company’s website.

Shareable Content

It is important to create searchable content on your social media accounts so that you get more backlinks to your website. When you have short videos made for your social media accounts, those who follow your accounts may share them on their own accounts. This can help expose your company to new audiences; broadening your audience may help you sell more products and services.

Social media videos need to be short and to the point so hiring an experienced video production company is important for delivering the content that you need.