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Data Recovery for Apple, Macintosh, Macbook

Apple / Apple Macintosh has recently launched a number of innovative and innovative IT products. In the data recovery area of ​​Apple devices we offer not only data recovery service for Mac but also for Apple / Macintosh PC (iMac), PowerMac and MacBook Pro. We also recover data from Apple iPad and Apple iPhone. We can save data from all Macintosh file systems – HFS, HFS +, HFSX and HFS Wrapper.

As for data loss cases, there is not much difference between Apple computers and standard PCs. Also, Apple’s data recovery service is divided into several groups:

  • Logical damage and data rescue:
  • Erroneously deleted and formatted partitions, files, or folders
  • Virus damage such as Trojan horses
  • Damaged boot partitions or erroneous system parameters and data
  • Physical damage and subsequent data save in clean room
  • Electrical damage due to flood, lightning strike
  • Damage by water or humidity
  • Dire damage
  • Damages resulting from non-functioning read heads

We also recover data not only from damaged Apple iPhone but also from third-party smartphones (Android, Samsung, Motorola). Mobile data recovery generally belongs to our newer offer. The type of damage to the device mainly affects the data. For this reason, it is not possible to determine the exact cost of rescuing data from your mobile. A more accurate calculation is possible after the analysis.

The cost of rescuing data from iPhone is not high. Saved data will be uploaded to DVD, HDD, USB keys or may be moved to a new iPhone. The target data carrier can also be provided after data recovery.

Even in the case of broken or bent phones, we can help you, but only if the memory chips are undamaged.

The Apple iPhone specially belongs to devices that cannot be saved after the update. In the event of a fall, damage to glass or water, data recovery is possible.

Although modern smartphones are multifunctional devices full of diverse features, they are not designed to last for eternity, so we recommend that you regularly back up your most important data. The disadvantage of iPhone is mainly the absence of a memory card slot.

Whether it is an iPhone or Android, when physically selecting a NAND chip from the phone and reading it all the data is hardware encrypted, which makes data rescue from these phones impossible. Learn more about iPhone data recovery at