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Sangfor a Desk VDI – A complete Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solution

Sangfor aDesk VDI is a desktop virtualization solution developed by Sangfor and is one of the latest virtual desktop cloud solution using hyper-converged solution. It is deeply integrated with desktop virtualization, server virtualization and storage virtualization. It takes use of an aDesk thin client appliance as well as a cloud terminal so as to deliver deployment of cloud platform rapidly.


desktop virtualization solution

  1. Superior desktop cloud solution: It promises to be a premium quality software with unique server visualization as well as storage visualization which is beneficial for many industries. It is remarkable solution for enterprise, educational, government and many other industries.
  2. Brings all levels of GPU power: Sang for along with NVIDIA has launched a KVM based vGPU virtualization solution for graphics card. It provides customers unique user experience and helps them to realize a virtual array of GPU resources, and allocate as well as manage hardware resources effectively.
  3. Works with Windows 10: there are 400 million active users of Windows 10 globally and so Sangfor VDI works with Windows 10. This makes user experience more flexible, reliable and productive. It supports most devices and hence provides complete flexibility in workplace.
  4. SRAP by Sangfor: This is Sangfor’s new virtual delivery protocol which is HD and High-efficiency solution for virtual desktop. It provides clients with increased speed and unmatched user experience on multiple terminals such as cloud terminal, laptop, PC, smart devices etc.

It is an amazing solution for businesses and enterprises.