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Enjoy the beauty of deep sea by scuba diving

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Bahama is an island located in the continent of Caribbean, Bahmas cover 10,010 square kilometer of land area and 3,870 square meter of water area, it is 162th place among the largest nations in the world. It has totally 13,880 square kilometer.

At first bahama was under the control of United Kingdom, it retains its independent in 1973. The population of bahama is 316,182 and it possesses a density of 32 people per square kilo meter. The currency of bahama is Bahamian Dollar, As well the people in bahama are known as Bahamian. This nation doesnot share land border with any other nation it is Independent Island. There are many small island are surrounded by the Bahamas they are The Abacos, Acklins and Crooked island, Andros, The berry island, Bimini island, Cat island, Eleuthera and Harbour island and the exumas island.

bahama divers

Each island has several new interesting things to know. In Bahama Island, it is a place of coral reef, so that many scuba divers are there, scuba diving is diving into the sea with cylindrical shaped breathing apparatus known as scuba. It is deep sea diving, where one can enjoy the new under water patience, beauty of coral reefs and several varieties of colorful features in the deep ocean. There are many scuba diving places are there, but among them bahama divers plays a major role of providing with more comfort and caution in diving for the people.

Once if you enjoy the scuba diving, then it will take you to the new world. For some time you going to feel like out of the world with this scuba diving, where you are going to enjoy the real pleasure of sea like several fishes and creatures inside it. Scuba divers are provided with full safety procedures, like dry or wet suits as per the user wish, the wet suits makes a bubble and buoyancy in water, when inside the deep level, where us the dry suits makes the user dry even they won’t get the feel of water other than their head, hand and sometime in foot area. Navigation watch is also provided for safety and mask for face. With the entire safety measures, one can enjoy the diving in a relaxed manner.